Water Testing

Water Test Available from MHIWater testing can be important for both private water systems as well as municipal supplied water. Mountain Home Inspections, LLC works with local sources to accommodate your water testing needs. We provide a wide variety of water testing options including FHA Loan water scan (Bacteria/ E.Coli, Lead, Copper, Nitrate, Nitrite), Private well water scan (Bacteria/ E.Coli, Lead, Iron, Copper, Nitrate,Nitrites pH, Hardness, Sodium,Fluoride, Total Alkalinity), Bacteria/E.Coli scan, as well as Water quality scan (Total dissolved solids , pH, Iron, Hardness).

NOTE: Water quality testing is requires a 5 to 10 day processing period. Results will be added to your home inspection report when they become available. All tests are completed in a lab certified for their respective needs. Prices given are based on testing completed during home inspection. To schedule water test along please call or email to contact right.


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